"... the book is a real page turner and thought-provoking... Although there is an excellent plot, the real strength in this book is the detailed character development and setting descriptions.  I felt like I knew every single one of the characters, even the minor players. These people could have been my friends or neighbors. The descriptions of their daily lives are vivid... Chicago comes alive here with a real feel for the local neighborhoods. You feel the icy cold on a winter's night, the walkability, the historic bungalows, the local shops...  4 out of 4 stars."

“Schnoor keeps you on the edge of your seat with this story packed full of scandle, inner struggle, sex, and blood shed. This is a must read […]” ★★★★★ - Indie Author News 




When fighting back becomes an obsession, there is nowhere to tread but down a dark and lonely road from which Jack Hanlon may never return.

​A loving husband and father, Jack Hanlon is enjoying his life in a cozy Chicago bungalow when, at the height of the Great Recession, his employer cheats him out of the payday of a lifetime. Betrayed and angry, he embarks on a quest for justice that will lead him to a world of sex and violence and may cost him everything he holds dear.

Simultaneously, widow Irene Kelly, is swindled of her life savings by a con man. Losing patience with the police and losing faith in her Faith, she too sets out in search of justice and blood.

​They’ll each find that the road to vengeance quite literally comes to a ‘DEAD’ end as they seek sanctuary In the Sanctity of Revenge.



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"In the Sanctity of Revenge is a dark novel. In this book, Brian Schnoor has created a memorable cast of characters and a plot reminiscent of the twists in an O. Henry short story. However, this book explores the dark nature that can be inside even the kindest of individuals when they are pushed to the point of wanting revenge. In the Sanctity of Revenge explores the rightness or virtuousness of revenge when the human spirit is pushed to the limit. Not for the reader looking for a light read with a happy ending, but if you are looking for a good plot with well-developed characters, this book may be the one for you!"

--Reviewed by  for Readers' Favorite